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This blog is about a Brummie who moved to New Zealand, married a kiwi and created our own little KiwiBrummie. The ramblings you’ll find here are all based on the adventures of growing our little man Taylor, from the learnings during Daddy Daycare to introducing our toddler to sights around the globe. Grab yourself a cuppa and spend some quality time at Dad’s Patch.

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It’s all in the preparation…

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It’s all in the preparation… Earlier this year we headed away 0n our biggest adventure yet as a family, taking in the amazing cities of San Francisco and New York. We also had a little road trip to Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks. Travelling with Taylor as a toddler could have been a bit…

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Deciding what to watch on the box…

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Deciding what to watch on the box… When it comes to deciding what to watch on the box, something that can easily be dismissed is your standard channels. Back in the UK, the TV Licence has gone a long way to improving the channels available to everyone. Alas, no such funding is available in NZ,…

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M.A.D. Mondays #4 – Awhitu Adventures

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M.A.D. Mondays #4 – Awhitu Adventures The far flung reaches of Auckland… Back in 2012, I was working in the corporate world, when I came up with the idea of the Head2Head Walk. This was a fundraising walk which went around all the way Manukau Harbour, Auckland.  Since its inception, it has gone on to…

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M.A.D. Mondays #3 – Blast from the Past

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M.A.D. Mondays #3 – Blast from the Past The Dickson’s hit Devonport A couple of weeks ago, Taylor and I kicked off M.A.D. Mondays, when we would head off on little adventures and see some cool places together.  This week and for the next few weeks, we’ll be joined by mum. Anj is becoming a District…

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A little Mexican to spice up your life

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A little Mexican to spice up your life A Farrahs love affair If you were to ask me a few years ago about my favourite foods, I’m pretty sure Mexican wouldn’t have been on the list. I’ve always loved food with distinct flavours, from Italian to Indian. Growing up in Birmingham, it’s hard not to…

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Baking without the dreaded sugar…whatever.

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Baking without the dreaded sugar…whatever. Orange and Date Scones – sugar free kind. A few years ago the Dickson household went through somewhat of a lifestyle change, to help with the whole conception of our little dude. We gave I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson a crack and I think I lasted a grand total…

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M.A.D. Mondays #2 – A Wash Out

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M.A.D. Mondays #2 – A Wash Out It was all going to plan until I got up this morning. The plan for this M.A.D. Monday was to drive to the local train station, park up and jump on the train to Pukekohe. Taylor loves travelling by train, maybe it has something to do with the…

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M.A.D. Monday Poll…

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The M.A.D. Monday Poll With it being Monday tomorrow, I’m looking to enlist your help in deciding where Taylor and I should head off to for our M.A.D. Monday. Pick your favourite out of the options below… 1, All Aboard to Pukekohe (train ride) 2, Tracking Kiwis (zoo trip) 3, Fluffy in Maraetai (beach fun)…

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M.A.D. Mondays #1 – Piha, New Zealand

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M.A.D Mondays Begin What are M.A.D. Mondays? A couple of weeks ago our little man got all grown up and started daycare.  This was a massive step for not only Taylor but his parents, we had to accept the fact that our son was growing up…fast. It also meant that my Daddy Daycare days were…

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