A sight for sore eyes…

A sight for sore eyes…

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A sight for sore eyes…

“Look, dad, they fit me…”

I turned around and there was Taylor with my sunglasses on his head. When he said the glasses fit him, this would have been the case if one of his ears was on top of his head, where he had bent one of the arms to reach. And that was the death of that pair of sunnies, although all was not lost, a certain teddy bear now loved them.

The sun in New Zealand is pretty fierce, so you really do need to be wearing sunglasses when you’re outdoors…even on grey days. That’s why when looking for new sunglasses, they always need to come with UV Protection, as your eyes need all the protection they can get. Believe it or not, wearing your polarized sunglasses whilst driving in the rain, helps to increase your visibility. So it pays to invest in a decent pair of sunnies, even with the “toddler threat” close by.

Up step SmartBuyGlasses!

It’s strange how the universe works, as not long after teddy inherited new sunglasses, I was contacted by SmartBuyGlasses (SBG), asking if I’d like a new pair of sunglasses. I like it when the world works this way.  Have to say the choice on the SBG website is insane, every kind of glasses you can think of. And after much deliberation and conversing with Anj, I decided on a great pair of Tom Ford sunnies! You can check them out here.

SBG was seriously quick with shipping the glasses and if it wasn’t for a slow courier here in NZ, I would have had the order delivered within a few days! I’m always concerned when ordered something like sunglasses online, as you never quite sure of the fit, but these amazing Tom Ford sunnies were great and they look really good! I had the sunnies just in time for our trip to the snow, where the sunglasses were greatly appreciated 🙂 Thank you SmartBuyGlasses.