About Dad's Patch

It’s amazing to think how life can change so much in such a relatively short time.

From living the life of a globe trotting project manager to now enjoying life so much more as a stay at home dad!

Daddy Daycare has to be the most rewarding job I have ever had, seeing our boy learn and grow every day into a very cool little person.

The Dad’s Patch blog is my little place in the corner of the interweb, where I get to share my tales of being a dad, husband and founder of a kids charity!

Meet the family

The Dad

AKA Paul

Paul is originally from Birmingham, England and now calls New Zealand home. He met Anj in 2011, they married in 2013 and their son came along in 2015. Paul started working life at Jaguar Cars and went on to a career which took him around the globe as a project manager. These days, when he is not running around after Taylor as a stay at home dad, he is the Chief Go Getter (Founder) of OKE Charity.

The Mum

AKA Mrs D, AKA Anj

Anj was born in Bluff, New Zealand, yep where the oysters come from. Having grown up in various of parts of NZ, Anj is a proud Kiwi. Having enjoyed a successful career as an Executive Chef in top London hotels/restaurants, Any returned home to become a nurse. Serendipity took over, as Paul & Anj could have easily met in London, alas it wasn’t until they were both in Aotearoa that their life together began. Now enjoys a balance mum/nurse life

Lil’ Dude

AKA Taylor

Taylor John Dickson came into the world on the 15/05/15 (great birthday). From birth this lil’ dude has been a handful, coming into the world, bum first. Taylor is growing into a right little character, full of humour, cheekiness and adventure. When he isn’t giving dad and mum the runaround, he is at a Montessori school, learning how to become the awesome human we know he’s going to be.

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