When is your favourite Netflix time?

When is your favourite Netflix time?

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Any time of day seems like a good Netflix time!

When I was a kid the most used button on the remote control was the “teletext” button and bring up Ceefax. Anyone born sometime after the mid-90’s will have no idea what I’m talking about. This service was basically how this Brummie kept up to date with football results, the weather and what was on TV that day. Yep, it was pretty much pre-internet and yep, I really am that old!

These days it’s much easier to see what’s on TV, with the onset of digital TV and of course streaming services like our friends at Netflix. In saying that, what isn’t so easy, is deciding what to watch. No longer are there just four channels to chose from, you can now pretty much watch whatever you want, any time of day. Gone are the days of waiting to 4pm in the week or Saturday mornings (Going Live) to watch kids TV, now access is 24/7…which is much appreciated with a toddler who decides when he wants to sleep.

The other thing that makes me feel old, is the fact that when I was a kid, TV was for watching at home and that was it. Now I can watch Netflix shows anywhere, even without having to stream, thanks to their download service.  Just last week, I was taking the train into the city and I was able to watch a few cheeky episodes of Master of None.

So what are the Dicksons watching at the moment?

13 Reasons Why


We finally gave in to all the hype and started watching 13 Reasons Why last week, whilst Taylor was having a sleepover at his nans. This TV show has generated a lot of discussions as the plot revolves around teenage suicide. It’s a tough topic and the show does a really good job of telling the story of suicide from different perspectives and the impact it can have on a community.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood


Whilst on our recent trip to the States, we were in our hotel room and whilst us parents were getting packed up for another day, we put the TV on to distract Taylor. We stumbled across Daniel Tiger’s Neighboorhood. Who knew a little tiger could teach us so much? Each episode has a moral to tell and it’s actually really well done. There are some annoyingly catchy tunes which you find yourself whilsting at random times during the day but these can be forgiven. Regardless of whether it’s first thing in the morning and pre-bed time, Daniel helps our little guy to understand a few life lessons.

The Ranch


Quite often in the late 90’s, my Sundays used to be spent recovering from a hangover and watching shows such as That 70’s Show. When I saw that two of the main actors from this show, Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson were teaming up for The Ranch, it got me reminiscing and thought it would be worth a watch. It’s a little bit try hard but the jokes come thick and fast, whilst we learn about a semi pro football players failings and how he ends up working on his family ranch. This would be one of those shows which would have been ideal for my Sundays of the late 90’s.

Netflix Family Watch Hack

If you’re in the midst of family arguments of what to watch on Netflix, then I may well have the solution for you. Download the Netflix Family Watch Hack and all your troubles will be over!