Dad’s Patch – Sunday night session

Dad’s Patch – Sunday night session

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A life in my hand…

It was touch and go as to whether I would ever be a dad, the establishment tried their best to make sure I wasn’t!

You meet someone, find out they’re the one, drop to one knee, get married and then have babies. That’s generally how it goes right? OK this is probably a tad old fashioned and plenty of people skip a couple of steps, by choice or accident, but this was the way it had happened for Anj and I, well, until the babies bit.

It is an assumption made by the general populous that it’s easy to have a baby, sometimes too easy. That was what we thought too, all Anj had to do was stop taking the pill and once the affects had worn off, we would be able to make a little miracle happen. It turned out that it wasn’t going to be that easy. In fact, our trip to parenthood, got off to a very slow start.

After eighteen months of trying, without any of my swimmers successfully cracking their way in, we decided to seek professional help. We sought answers at the local fertility clinic, where after several tests, they declared us “infertile with no known cause”. We were told to wait a few years and if we weren’t successful, we could attempt IVF. Well, thanks for that, but that timeline didn’t work for us, as we didn’t want to become parents after we had both turned forty. So, after a few more tests and pretty heated discussions, we managed to convince the powers that be, that we would go the IUI route. This did mean that yours truly had to deliver a tub of swimmers to the clinic on more than one occasion for testing, but this was somewhat insignificant compared to the tests Anj had to endure.

This is a very condensed version of the journey, from being told we couldn’t have kids to getting ready to try our first session of IUI. Let me just say that it was an emotional time for both of us, I don’t think there is anything more heartbreaking and no greater sense of helplessness, than when you see your wifes face, after being told she couldn’t be a mother. Fortunately, Mrs.D is made of strong stuff and together we proved the establishment wrong. After a little mishap with the first IUI (where Anj ended up in hospital for a few days..mega stressed), my little swimmers finally found their way to the end zone after the second IUI treatment (they needed a nudge in the right direction with a rather larger needle, but, whatever works right).

And that is how I became a dad and husband to the mum of Taylor John Dickson. It is this journey of bringing our little man into the world, that makes me realise on a daily basis, being a dad should never be taken for granted. It also cemented the idea of being a stay at home dad, helping to make our little a miracle a special little human.