Deciding what to watch on the box…

Deciding what to watch on the box…

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Deciding what to watch on the box…

When it comes to deciding what to watch on the box, something that can easily be dismissed is your standard channels. Back in the UK, the TV Licence has gone a long way to improving the channels available to everyone. Alas, no such funding is available in NZ, so the quality of shows is somewhat lacking. That is why we are pretty lucky to have Netflix available, for when we do have time to watch the box.

Of course, there is then the decision of what to watch. Morning viewing is dictated by the little man, but then there is still the lengthy process of choosing something has his options are endless. I do enjoy watching a good documentary every now and again, alas these are usually saved for dad time, i.e. Friday nights when Anj goes to zumba.

TV viewing has been somewhat limited of late due to all the OKE stuff we have been doing. So it’s been relatively easy to decide what to watch, as we’ve been waiting all year for Defenders to be released and then the Netflix show Atypical was released, which took us both by surprise. So, who in your house decides what to watch?



Have you watched Daredevil? Jessica Jones? Luke Cage? Or Iron Fist? If so, you’ll understand just how excited I was, when I first heard that the new Netflix Defenders show contained all of these characters. It’s a great combination of drama, action and comedy, with a great story line threading everything together. I like the fact that the writers to took the time to pull all the Defenders team together, I think it was the third episode before they were all in a room together. We’re currently on episode six and it’s getting really intriguing…what will the Hand do next?



One night last week, Anj suggested that we watch Atypical. I asked her what it was about and she said was about the life of an 18-year-old with autism. Well, it wasn’t a topic I knew all that much about, but Anj did, as she was a nanny for an autistic kid a few years ago. Atypical turned out to be a very funny comedy, despite being about the impact an autistic family member has on the rest of the family. The entire cast plays the parts really well, although Keir Gilchrist who plays Sam, steals the show.



And it’s back. Season 5 has come to Netflix with six new episodes. I want to say that Taylor was excited to watch this but I think his parents enjoy it more these days. Taylor kind of over did it with Dinotrux whilst we were travelling around the States and I think he’s quite content with just playing with the Dinotrux toys. In the mean time, mum and dad enjoyed watching Ty and his team “trux it up”. I think it’s pretty cool that there is now a cartoon that makes engineering cool.

Beat Bugs


Over fifty years ago, a band was formed in Liverpool, England, you may have heard of them…The Beatles. Their songs were played full blast in our house and car as we were growing up. Now its my turn to introduce these talented buggers to my boy. What better way to do this than through some little bugs on the telly? Each episode is inspired by a Beatles song, from Penny Lane to Getting Better. Taylor is often surprised that mum and dad know all the words to songs on the show, but enjoys dancing around the living room to the tunes.

If you need a bit of help convincing your family to watch shows you want to watch, check out these tools for shows such as Trollhunters or Chef’s Table 🙂