A helping hand from Hollywood movies!

A helping hand from Hollywood movies!

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A helping hand from Hollywood!

Well it’s the Easter weekend and when I was growing up, the Easter holidays was all about watching films. Quite often the movies would be the same most holiday weekends, a bit of Bond, some Indiana Jones and of course the token Disney movies. It was probably watching these movies that turned me into a bit of a movie buff. Throughout life I’ve always managed to associate certain episodes or milestones with certain movies. Of late I have been watching quite a few movies which resolve around dads, most of the time I’ve just happened upon movies which have “dad lessons” as their plotline. Well I guess I need to learn this dad stuff somehow and what better way than dad based movies haha

Here are the latest “dad” movies I’ve been watching on Netflix…


1) Fundamentals of Caring

This has to be one of my favourite Paul Rudd movies, it’s great to see him play somewhat of a straight role. In saying that Craig Roberts steals the show as Trevor. I’ll not give too much away, but I can say after watching this movie I went and gave Taylor a big hug. (Well done Netflix, awesome movie).


2) The Game Plan

What can I say, it was never going to win an oscar, but it’s the Rock learning how to be a dad over night, just a timely reminder that if the Rock can struggle, it’s OK to struggle as a dad too.


3) Definitely, maybe

Righto, first things first, if you’re not following Ryan Reynolds on Twitter, get over there and follow, his dad tweets are fookin’ hilarious. Now, this movie basically makes it OK to talk about your ex’s with your kids right? Hell no, but it certainly makes for a few laughs and yep, I guess its a bit of a rom-com but nothing wrong with that.


4) To Kill A Mockingbird

It’s amazing how a movie made over sixty years ago can still have such a profound message today. You would have hoped that in all that time, the message told during the movie (and originally the book) would no longer be needed today. I’ll watch this movie again when Taylor is older and explain the virtues of Atticus Finch.


5)  The Good Dinosaur

Oh I don’t know why they do it, but Bambi, Simba and poor little Nemo all lost a parent in a Disney movie and now within ten minutes of The Good Dinosaur, Arlo loses his dad. Anyhow, it’s not really giving the plot away, as this little gem of a movie (which Taylor loves because its got Dinos in it) is all about Arlo learning from his dad, both before and after he croaks it.


6) Daddy Day Care

I grew up watching Eddie Murphy in his prime, with Beverly Hills Cop, Trading Places and Coming to America to name but a few 80’s classics. But as funny as these movies were, I never quite related to an EM movie until I watched Daddy Day Care recently. Pre-Dad (PD) I probably wouldn’t have watched this, but now I watch belly laughing at the poor bastards being taken for a ride by the kids.


7)  The Incredibles

What kind of dad wouldn’t want to be Mr. Incredible??


8) Finding Nemo

As mentioned up above, Nemo does indeed lose his mum in this movie, poor little fish.  Given this start in life, you would think Nemo would give his dad a break and listen, but oh no, he goes off gets himself fishnapped…sort of. I think most dads take Marlins journey, maybe not quite so literally but certainly in growing into being a dad.


9) Grown Ups

There should be a “parentals escape weekend” where you can just head away for a couple of days and do all the daft shit that happens in this movie. I think it would be OK not to have to act like parents for a couple of days, what do they day, absence makes the heart grow fonder?


10) Run All Night

When did Liam Neesons agent decide “Liam, I think you’re going to be Hollywoods kick ass dad”? I think somewhere between Love Actually and Taken. Anyhow, he’s back to playing the dad not to mess with in Run All Night and I think I’d have to chose my son over a life long mobster friend as well (we all have them right).

You can check out all the above movies on Netflix