How do you prepare for meeting a festive stranger?

How do you prepare for meeting a festive stranger?

How do you prepare for meeting a festive stranger?

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With the little man turning eighteen months old this month and with us entering into the silly season, I was wondering how to prepare Taylor for that mother of all traditions…meeting Santa!

This isn’t the first time these two have met, last year a six month old Taylor met the big guy and it took quite a while to conjure up a smile, you might well think it wasn’t the real Santa, as even his magic couldn’t force a smile from those chubby cheeks. The only thing that worked was when Anj hid behind the North Pole postbox and played peekaboo.

So with this in mind, I thought it prevalent to come up with a masterplan, to try and convince Taylor that Santa wasn’t really all that scary. What better way to do this, than cuddle up on the sofa during daddy daycare and watch some TV. We started off with the ol’ favourite, Paw Patrol, with the little pups helping Santa and ultimately saving Christmas. Alas, the DVD is scratched to hell, which meant one minute Santa was losing the plot and next second, the pups had already saved the day. This soon tested both our patience, which called for only one thing…switch on Netflix.

With a quick search for Christmas related movies, I stumbled across Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas. Now the clue was in the title, that this wasn’t going to be an oscar worthy contender. Alas, our little monkey is a bit of a fan of this animated monkey, which gave me some hope it could be a winner. It takes a decent movie to hold the attention of our little movie buff and Curious George managed the grand total of ten minutes!

With snacks sorted and an hour or two in the garden done, we gave the education about Santa another go. This time we settled on what I hoped would be a winner…Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas. You can probably see a theme running here, with most things we watch having animals of one sort or another being the main theme. With Mickey having entertained generations of kids, it was a pretty safe bet that he could convince Taylor that Santa was a decent chap. Along with Pluto, Donald and Goofy, Mickey certainly got a few chuckles from our boy and by the end, they showed that if you’re going to trust a stranger, Santa is probably one of the better ones.

The marathon festive Daddy Daycare day was coming to an end and I was kind of hoping that it was sinking in, that when Taylor met Santa again this year, it would be OK to say hello. For one last push, just before bed (yep, parental guide went out of the window) I put on one last movie. Netflix was really coming to my rescue and the final movie was Arthur Christmas. Of all the stuff we had watched, this was definitely for the older kids, yet it was the one which captured a little someones attention the most. I’m slowly beginning to realise, Taylor isn’t one for the preschool cartoons, he much prefers the older stuff, which is fine by me. Arthur Christmas may well be up there with some of my favourite Christmas movies, along with Home Alone, Elf and Die Hard (which I’m told I need to wait to watch with Taylor).

SO, did this epic Santa Netflix-athon, have the desired effect? Well no, not really. We went to see Santa at Smith & Caughey earlier today and as soon as the fella in the big red suit came into view, my little monkey jumped straight into my arms. Oh well, at least we got to spend quality TV time together and without doubt it won’t be the last time of meeting Santa imposters this Christmas, by the time we leave out mince pies for the real one, our little man will be back on the good boy list for sure.