Kicking off a new year of Netflix.

Kicking off a new year of Netflix.

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Kicking off a new year of Netflix.

It’s been quite the start to 2018. I kicked off the year by signing up for the Queenstown Marathon to not only tick off an item on my bucket list but also to raise funds for our kid’s charity, OKE. Then our little guy got really sick and for a whole week, we just couldn’t shift the virus, with fevers pitching 40+ degrees. Then the big one, my fortieth birthday! I was spoilt rotten by Mrs D, who surprised me with a road trip and some very cool pressies. In between all this, we managed to cram in some awesome Netflix viewing. 2018 has already seen the release of some epic shows and we’re only into February! Altered Carbon, Somebody Feed Phil and Llama Llama our my picks of 2018 so far and we also caught up on one of the must-see shows of 2017…The Sinner.

Altered Carbon

Dad’s Patch Score 9/10

I have to admit I’m quite the sci-fi fan and amongst my favourite movies are Minority Report, Serenity and the Matrix. In saying that, one all-time classic which I have never managed to get through watching is Blade Runner. I know, I know, everyone raves about it, maybe I should give it another try. Anyway, when I read that Altered Carbon was a new Netflix show with a Blade Runner vibe, I had my reservations. Alas, it seems Richard K. Morgan wasn’t quite as insane as Philip K. Dick when it came to writing sci-fi. I haven’t read Morgans work (yet), so I can’t say if this show does the books justice, but it certainly warrants the hefty budget which must have been spent making it. The show takes place 400 years in the future, when humans are no longer so afraid of death, thanks to technology that allows them to change into a new sleeve (body) when they die. The story revolves around Takeshi Kovacs, who is revived after 200 years on ice by wealthy businessman Laurens Bancroft. Bancroft’s needs Kovacs to solve a murder…his own. The cast is brilliant, the graphics amazing and the show just gets better with each episode. It’ll be interesting to see who appears in Season 2.

The Sinner

Dad’s Patch Score 9/10

The is the show of 2017 which having watched it, I wonder why we left it so long. It’s another TV show based on a book (by Petra Hammesfahr), which needs to be stopped, as my reading list is growing at a much greater rate than I could possibly read. The Sinner is based on the character called Cora Bender, played by the amazing Jessica Biel (who was nominated for a Golden Globe for the role). The first episode starts with a bang, with the quiet unassuming Cora sat on the beach with her family and then she stands up, walks over to a guy sitting close by and stabs him to death. Having been witnessed by everyone on the beach, the police believe it’s an open and shut case, apart from Harry Ambrose, played by the brilliant Bill Pullman, who seeks the real reason as to what we drive this mum to such an act. The plot just keeps unwinding with every episode, leading to a pretty epic finale!

Somebody Feed Phil

Dad’s Patch Score 10/10

I’m not sure there will be another show in 2018, which will surprise me, as much as Somebody Feed Phil. I had no idea who Phil Rosenthal was, let alone know that he was the creator of Everybody Loves Raymond.  Somebody Feed Phil has uncovered a new foodie traveller hero for me. Up until now, that spot had been held by Anthony Bourdain, with his shows No Reservations (also on Netflix) and Parts Unknown taking me around the world and causing my wanderlust to grow. Somebody Feed Phil is similar to these shows in that it takes you on global travels but there is so much more genuine humour and astonishment in the treasures that Phil finds in all corners around the world. I seriously want to visit Lisbon and Mexico City after watching Phil have so much more fun and yes, you really feel like you’re on first name terms with the host after watching the show.

Llama Llama

Dad’s Patch Score 8/10

I’ll hold my hands up now and apologise because if you read this and decide to watch Llama Llama, you’re going to have the theme tune stuck in your head all day after watching it. This really is the only negative about this new Netflix animation. The show is based on a series of Llama Llama books by the author Anna Dewdney (who sadly passed away in 2016 before seeing her work hit the Netflix screen). The books and show is about a little llama called Llama Llama and the adventures he has, whilst learning some life lessons at the same time. It’s a testament to the pulling power of Netflix that they can attract Hollywood A-Listers to their shows, with the awesome Jennifer Garner voicing Mama Llama. I always enjoy it when Taylor can watch something and learn a thing or two, especially when it’s life lessons as taught in this show.

It is only February, but I already feel like I’ve watched more awesome shows than 2017. Still to come this month, I’m looking forward to the release of First Team : Juventus, Everything Sucks and Ugly Delicious!