M.A.D. Mondays #1 – Piha, New Zealand

M.A.D. Mondays #1 – Piha, New Zealand

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M.A.D Mondays Begin

What are M.A.D. Mondays? A couple of weeks ago our little man got all grown up and started daycare.  This was a massive step for not only Taylor but his parents, we had to accept the fact that our son was growing up…fast. It also meant that my Daddy Daycare days were going to be reduced. It did mean that I had an extra day in the week to concentrate on Dad’s Patch stuff, but I certainly miss Taylor Tuesdays. Now that DD was reduced to mainly Mondays, I thought it would be cool to make this day a bit more fun.

It was one of my daft o’clock in the morning ideas that came up with MAD Mondays. I was thinking how to not only have a fun day with my boy but also a way for Dad’s Patch to be something a bit different. I’ve never really liked Mondays, does anyone? Back in my time in the automotive world, it was always Mad Mondays, with issues to quickly fix from the previous week. Well, instead of “mad” being a bad thing, why not use “mad” in a good way? After many reiterations, I came up with My Adventures with Dad to make up the acronym M.A.D. At that ladies and gentleman is how my brain works and we ended up with M.A.D. Mondays!

M.A.D. Mondays #1 – Piha, New Zealand

Today was the first M.A.D Monday and what better place to start than on one of the maddest beaches in New Zealand, Piha. This beach is renowned not just in NZ, but around the world, thanks to the TV Show Piha Rescue. It took us about an hour to drive from home to this cool little place. To compare where Taylor is growing up to where I grew up, if we went for an hours drive when I was a kid, we’d end in Wolverhampton. This kid doesn’t know how good he’s got it haha

Whenever we head to Piha, we pretty much always head straight to the Piha Store, after a quick visit to the loo. There are two coffee places right next door to each other, in my humble opinion, the coffee and welcome are always better at the Piha Store. Today was no exception, great flat white and fluffy, accompanied by delicious Piha Store Special muffin and danish pastry. Then it was time to hit the beach. One thing you should know is that Auckland West Coast beaches are predominantly black sand. This just makes them feel so much more rugged and I just love ’em.

Taylor loved the sand dunes and I had high hopes that climbing them would knacker him out, but no chance of that, as our eagle-eyed little fella spotted the playground on the way to the beach. It really doesn’t matter the scale of the playground, Taylor will give it a go. It really does surprise people that he’s only two years old, the way he scales ladders and takes on big kid slides. The kid was like an Energizer Bunny today, even the playground didn’t beat him. So, off to the Arataki Visitor Centre. This awesome visitor centre is smack bang in Waitakere Ranges and the views from it’s raised decks are amazing. They also got some very cool toddler-friendly activities inside, which kept Taylor entertained for ages.

Your help with M.A.D. Mondays

After the beach, playground, visitor centre and a picnic lunch, the boy finally gave in and slept all the way home. It was an awesome way to kick off M.A.D Mondays and can’t wait for the next one. Speaking of which, I’m going to need your help. Every Sunday I’m going to post three destinations on the Dad’s Patch Facebook page and I want you to vote for the place we should discover for the next M.A.D. Monday.