M.A.D. Mondays #2 – A Wash Out

M.A.D. Mondays #2 – A Wash Out

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M.A.D. Mondays #2 – A Wash Out

It was all going to plan until I got up this morning. The plan for this M.A.D. Monday was to drive to the local train station, park up and jump on the train to Pukekohe. Taylor loves travelling by train, maybe it has something to do with the fact we dragged him around London on the train when he was just a few weeks old.

Alas, even the best-laid plans go tits up and they certainly did this morning. To start with, it didn’t seem to matter what I served up for breakfast, Master Dickson just wasn’t interested. Anj made delicious homemade onion bagels yesterday, which were devoured by our little man yesterday, but today they were “yucky”. That’s a toddlers prerogative I guess. Finally, a banana settled the battle of breakfast.

After what seemed an entire day, we were ready to leave the house at 9am. The heavens opened had opened once the sun had come up and was not letting up. So, I pulled the Dad Card and decided a train ride would have to be done another day, as we (well me, someone would be nice and dry in his Jogger stroller) would be soaked to the skin before we even got on the train. We were still heading to Pukekohe, just that it would be in the comfort of the car, with the little man enjoying some iPad time.

All was fine until I started the engine and that was a load clunking noise. After hunting around the car, I realised it was the motor on the electric mirror, outside my drivers door. For some reason the damn thing was determined to turn. Its fortunate that I used to deal with automotive electrics in a previous life, so whilst getting soaked, I managed to take the inside of the door off and disconnect the connector which controlled the mirror. Would fix the mirror properly on a sunny day.

Taylor is usually a good little passenger in the car, especially when he’s got Daniel Tiger or Jake to keep him entertained. Today however, was the day he didn’t want to be in the car. Maybe our boy has a sixth sense and somehow knew about the train ride? With the weather as it was, it took longer than expected to travel south to our destination. I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on a coffee.

A little time in Pukekohe

The day did start to get a little better once we hit Alyssum Cafe. The coffee was good, Taylor necked his fluffy and the warm brownie we shared was pretty damn good.  The cafe is great for kids, as there is a ton of space for them to run around. Plus the local library is right next door if you have time to read your kids some books. Unfortunately, the Dickson Boys couldn’t stick around as we had a movie to catch…Cars 3!

Pukekohe Cinema 3 is a cool little cinema and I thought our visit was going to be the turning point for our second M.A.D. Monday. Ah, it was going so well, we sat through the movie trailers and pre-movie animation, Lou Lost and Found. Then ten minutes into watching Lightning McQueens latest adventure, Taylor was off exploring. I’m all for a little adventure but not when he tries to climb down stairs in a relatively dark room. We got forty-five minutes into the movie and I had to take the little guy outside for a chat. We talked about watching the movie in our seats and that we would go back inside if he sat nicely. Another ten-minute installment passed before we had to call it a day, Taylor let me know in no uncertain terms that he was over M.A.D. Monday and wanted to go home.

Within five minutes of the journey home, Taylor was asleep and catching up on the z’s he needed all morning. After his nap the day got a whole lot better, we spent the afternoon with building blocks, drawing and flooding the kitchen. When the weather gods are against you, it’s always good to take notice and just have a day indoors!