M.A.D. Mondays #3 – Blast from the Past

M.A.D. Mondays #3 – Blast from the Past

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M.A.D. Mondays #3 – Blast from the Past

The Dickson’s hit Devonport

A couple of weeks ago, Taylor and I kicked off M.A.D. Mondays, when we would head off on little adventures and see some cool places together.  This week and for the next few weeks, we’ll be joined by mum. Anj is becoming a District Nurse in August, so with some leave built up, she is able to have a nice break between jobs. This M.A.D. Monday we decided to explore Devonport, a cool little village across the harbour from Auckland CBD.

As well as Anj, we were also joined on this M.A.D. Monday by our godson Tim. Taylor insisted on calling him, Sophie…Tim’s sister’s name. School holidays in Auckland are a pretty good time to go exploring. Half the city evacuates to their holiday homes and the other half can’t afford to do anything (controversial). Speaking of the rich, Devonport is quite a well to do little place, full of old money, with stunning houses along the harbour front and down quiet little streets. It does remind me of seaside towns back in the UK, with its pier, old hotel and a main street full of little shops.

We started off the day with a little stroll along the waterfront. Then we paid a visit to one of Auckland’s newest public libraries – Te Pātaka Kōrero o Te Hau Kapua. It’s fantastic to see so much effort going into the design of a library. It was a great space to hang out for a while, whilst Tim read and Taylor checked out every single corner of the library. Don’t get me wrong, Taylor loves books, we read to him every night, but there was just too much for him to explore.

The Good Old Days

Dad finally had enough of running around the library and dragged everyone to Corelli’s for a much-needed coffee. Great coffee and brownies, along with the biggest hot chocolate I’ve seen since Sunday when we treated ourselves to huge homemade mugs of the stuff! With a backwards lunch, we then bought sandwich stuff and made delicious ham and cheese rolls (all for the cost of a single roll at the cafe). Taylor slept off the library adventures whilst we stuffed our faces and went for a stroll. Some days the little man can go the whole day without a wink of sleep, but he tends to be a right grumpy sod. Life is much easier once he’s had a nap.

Once the little man was awake we headed up to Maungauika or North Head Historic Reserve. This is quite a significant space within Auckland, as it’s where the New Zealand military set up defences in fear of the Russians heading down this way in World War II. It’s a great place to explore and it once again demonstrates the awesome engineering back in the day. Alas, you have to wonder just how likely it was that Russia would head to New Zealand. Then again, who ever thought an orange buffoon would run the U.S.? I guess you never really know and sometimes best to plan for the worst.

From the top of Maungauika, there are amazing views across to the Auckland CBD and over to Rangitoto Island. The last time I’d laid eyes on these views, New Zealand was new to me and I was still wondering if I should leave the UK for these shores. As I was reminiscing about those life changing days, a little person reminded me how great today was by asking for ice cream. That’s my boy and with that, we grabbed ice creams and headed home.