Meeting Mrs D

Meeting Mrs D

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With time being the ultimate commodity these days, who has time to meet their future partner? To go on ten dates before deciding whether or not the other person is actually worth pursuing a relationship with. This is where I think the rise of online dating has seen such a growth over the last few years, as people become more time savvy. I for one can vouch for this modern form of dating and here’s why.

I had been in New Zealand for just over two years and I was contemplating my time in the land I now called home and was considering moving back to where life had began. The successful career I had left behind in the UK had taken somewhat of a nose dive and offers to revive it and start again up in the northern hemisphere were very tempting. At the same time as looking over career options, I thought I’d give dating in New Zealand one last ditch effort, taking the lead from a good friend by signing up to an online dating agency.

Now, even just a few years ago, the online dating trend wasn’t as common place as it is today and it felt somewhat of a taboo subject. There were those that deemed the best way to meet someone was in a bar, at work or heaven forbid, a friend of a friend of a friend. Alas, I had tried these options before and after moving to New Zealand, alas none lead to the one (at least they ended up not being the one), so why not try something new.

It didn’t take long to compete my profile on FindSomeone and post it for all the single ladies of New Zealand to view. When compiling a profile, my best word of advise is to be yourself, don’t pretend to be something you’re not, in order to attract attention, as eventually you will have to meet someone in real life and you’ll be quickly found out. I filled out my profile with an emphasis on sarcasm and humour, my thinking being, that if someone was to like what they read, we would be off to a good start when we met up.

Within three days of signing up, I was sitting in a pub waiting to meet my first date, which was pretty good going I thought. The lady I was meeting went by the name of Anj. The section of my profile which had attracted Anj to getting in touch with me was the diet section, where I ticked the “Semi-Vegitarian” box. Anj was intrigued as to why I had ticked this box to which I simply replied “I appreciate both meat and veg equally” 🙂

That first date went extremely well, we talked and laughed as if we were life long friends catching up after not seeing each other for a while. It was something of a surprise when last orders were announced, as it seemed we had only been chatting a wee while, not for the five hours it had been. The date finished with a kiss goodbye and a feeling that I had met someone special. The next day a mate text me and asked how the date had been and I told her that if Carlsberg made first dates then it would be this one with Anj.

Later that same day, I text Anj to tell her that I didn’t want to freak her out but I really didn’t think there was a need to be on the dating website any longer as I had found my someone. Within minutes I had a reply, Anj was cancelling her account as well!

Two years later we were married and a further two years later our son came into the world. I’m not saying everyone will be as lucky as Anj and I, but if you’re considering the online dating route to try and find the love of your life, give it a crack.