If you need a bit of “Netflix Me Time”

If you need a bit of “Netflix Me Time”

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When you find time for some “Netflix Me Time”…

Since we got back from out travels to the States (holiday snaps coming soon I promise), it has been a little bit mental, as there has been a lot of catching up to do on the OKE front and then there is the fact that Taylor had to go in for his first ever surgery. Yep, despite it being a pretty straightforward procedure, we couldn’t explain to the little guy what was going to happen and it came as a bit of shock to get his bits worked on. The good news is that all went well and within 24hrs, Taylor was running around as if nothing had happened.

Rather than getting too stressed with everything, Anj and I have made a concerted effort to have some down time, once we’ve got through the whole “go the f*ck to sleep” routine. What’s needed is that little bit of escapism with a cup of tea and some cake (it’s probably a good thing we don’t really drink anymore, as I think we would have become raging alcoholics through this parenting lark). Fortunately, we have Netflix for our “me time” and plenty of options to end our busy days…so here is what we’re binging on at the moment.


There is a pretty good reason Kiwis can proudly watch Riverdale and that’s, KJ Apa. This fella passed through the Shortland Street doors and came out unharmed, heading to Hollywood to land a pretty impressive lead role, playing Archie Andrews. The show is based in Riverdale and the many plots revolve around Archie and his besties, with the death of one of their friends thrown in to mix things up a little. It’s one of those shows where everyone is very pretty but for once the story line isn’t ugly and does the pretty people justice.

Iron Fist

I’m quite the fan of all things Marvel and really enjoyed Daredevil, Jessica Jone and Luke Cage. The latest series is Iron Fist and it’s a little bit awesome. There’s this fella called Danny Rand and he just turns up out of the blue, years after everyone believes he and his family died in a plane crash. There’s a bit of corporate espionage, friendship feuds and of course, the fact that Danny Reid and had developed glowing iron fists whilst everyone thought he was dead. Genius. Throw into the mix the amazing martial arts and you’ve got one cool show. What’s really exciting is that Iron Fist, Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage are all coming together in one show called The Defenders later this year! Sorry Taylor but you’re going to have to put yourself to bed once this comes out lol

The Keepers

Whilst running around last week, I was listening to Lana & Jase on More FM, who were very excited about a documentary on Netflix. I kept listening and they started talking about The Keepers. Its a Netflix docuseries about an unsolved murder in Baltimore, U.S., which took place fifty years ago and involved a young nun. What’s really intriguing is that the more you watch, the more the plot thickens and you realise just how dodgy the church can be and how so many other “trusted” institutions seemed to be involved in the cover up. Anj and I aren’t the most religious of people and watching this show has kind of justified our non-believing ways.

Master of None

It’s been a long time since I’ve watched a comedy that actually made me laugh out loud (you know, the way people used to before lol became a thing). It reminds me of a good ol’ English sitcom, with sarcastic humor throughout, but with really good American actors. Dev, the lead character, is hilarious and following his misadventures through life with his mates kind of reminds me of my single days back in Blighty, maybe that’s why it makes me laugh so much. Looking forward to seeing if Dev finally finds the girl of his dreams.