When Netflix teaches you a thing or two…

When Netflix teaches you a thing or two…

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When Netflix teaches you a thing or two…

Last week Taylor and I were driving around Auckland, picking up various things for the OKE Head2Head Walk, which is just around the corner. Due to the dad/charity founder life balance, Taylor often joins me on these jaunts and he has the iPad to keep him company. This time he was engrossed in Storybots and I have to say, this show on Netflix teaches you a thing or two. This got me thinking about other shows, where I’ve watched it and had to go Google something about the show afterwards (or in some cases during).


10/10 (Dad’s Score)

This Netflix documentary movie is just ridiculously good. There are so many WTF moments during the doco, you’re kind of left sitting there looking at the screen by the end of it. If you haven’t heard about it, Google it. lol

Icarus is about a guy called Brian Fogel who sets out to understand the true extent of drug doping in sport and ends up unveiling one of the greatest sporting scandals in history (thats not giving too much away). It’s an incredible journey and certainly has you wondering about the legitimacy of global events such as the Olympic Games. Go watch it.

The Siege of Jadotville

8.5/10 (Dad’s Score)

Growing up I loved watching classic war movies, especially the ones with “against the odds” scripts i.e. Zulu, Escape to Victory, Saving Private Ryan. etc. Hopefully, The Siege of Jadotville will eventually become a classic within this genre. The movie is based on a true story, of how 150 Irishmen stood strong against an army of 3,000 Katangans. It would be an incredible fictional story, but the fact its based on a real-life event is mindblowing. This was definitely a story to Google and really understand the facts behind this movie.


9/10 (Taylor & Dad’s Score)

As I mentioned up top, Taylor is loving this show at the moment…and so am I. At the beginning of each episode, kids get to ask a question and the Story Bots go and find the answers. The show delivers the answers in a really fun and humorous way, which not only makes Taylor laugh but gets the facts to stick. So far we’ve learned everything from how night happens to how planes fly. It’s great to have a show where it teaches cool topics and really engages kids.

The Little Prince

8.5/10 (Taylor’s Score)

This was one of those movies which you just stumble upon in Netflix and is actually really f’kin good. We were watching it one Saturday morning, absent-mindedly viewing whilst drinking a cuppa, when up pops a voice I recognise. That’s bloody Jeff Bridges.  Then I think I hear Rachel McAdams. This movie is star-studded and I’ve never heard of it. Out comes the phone and pull up the IMDB app to see just who else is in the movie. The movie is based on The Little Prince novel by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (yep did have to Google that). It’s a really great animation and certainly captured our little mans imagination.


I’ve been waiting a while to binge watch Stranger Things 2, it looks like it’s going to be another epic season. If you’ve watched it and want something to tie you over, you can play along with this super rad, nostalgic video game app. Play as the kids from Hawkins in their quest to destroy the demogorgon!

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