This is a parental game change – FeverSmart

This is a parental game change – FeverSmart

780 330 Dads Patch

Nurofen for Children FeverSmart Temperature Monitor

This is a parental game changer!

What better way to launch the new Dad’s Patch “Cool Sh*t” section, than with a very cool piece of kit. The Nurofen for Children FeverSmart Temperature Monitor is a real game changer for us parents.

We really could have used this piece of kit a few weeks ago when Taylor was pitching fevers of 40+ and we were in and out of A&E. Throughout the night we were having to disturb him from much needed sleep, to take his temperature.

The FeverSmart kit is really easy to use –

Step 1 – Connect your FeverSmart Monitor to the FeverSmart App on your phone

Step 2 – Place the Monitor under your child’s arm with the ultra-sensitive FeverSmart adhesive patch

Step – Monitor your child’s temperature over time

Here is all the information the FeverSmart kit currently collects and sends directly to your phone –

– Continuous real-time temperature monitoring.
– Easy to understand temperature readings.
– Monitors as they sleep.
– Accurate within + 0.2 degrees Celsius with correct usage. Environmental factors & child’s position may result in greater variance in accuracy.
– Temperature alerts.
– Medicine tracking.

And it even sends you a reminder to check on your child regularly for signs and symptoms of illness. All of the above information can be stored on your phone and when you have to visit your GP or head to A&E, you can hand over your phone and show the information which is critical to understanding what is wrong with you kid.

Well done Nurofen, this is a fantastic piece of technology to help improve the day to day role of parents.