Teaching our little man to grow

Teaching our little man to grow

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Passing on the greenfingers to the next generation…

You may or may not know, but I run a little charity called OKE which helps to implement fruit and vegetable gardens into schools. When I tell people this is what I do when not getting stuck into Daddy Daycare, I get asked if I have my own garden. Well I can safely say that I practice what I preach and it’s not only school kids I’m hoping to teach, we also getting Taylor stuck into the garden.

Some people might think that it’s a hipster or trendy thing to do and that I’m just trying to keep up with some modern trend. Alas, my own gardening adventures started some thirty years ago, when we would go visit my a Granddad George at his allotment. He also often visited us when we were my dads for the weekend, where he would bring veggies straight from the ground, all covered in dirt. This just seemed so strange to us, why wouldn’t he just get veggies out of the freezer?

I have to admit there was a pretty big gap between seeing my gramps grow his veggies until I started growing my own. In fact, I didn’t really get stuck into building my own veggie plot until I’d moved to New Zealand (my life was just taken up with other priorities before heading to this part of the world). I managed to convert a piece of wasted space into a ten metre long garden bed and over the last couple of years I’ve managed to grow everything from swede to pumpkin.

Now that the little man has come along, I see it as my duty as a dad to get our little man interested in the garden. We’ve not quite got into planting anything yet, but we do have a little wander around the garden a few times a week and I tell him what is growing at any one time. Not only is it a way of teaching some new words, but there are so many different textures, smells and creepy crawlies for Taylor to experience. It’s a pretty cool way for a dad and son to bond, especially when the hose is involved and watering dehydrated plants turns into a mini water fight.

Get Growing!