The flying little kiwi… Part 1

The flying little kiwi… Part 1

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When a little person has a kiwi mum and English dad, there is a good chance that he will travel between the two lands of his parents, we decided that the first time would be at two months old!

It wasn’t long after we had found out that we were going to be parents, that we started planning a trip to the UK, to introduce Taylor to his relatives up north. Oh, yep, we had the little mans name all sorted before we even managed to get pregnant. When Anj and I got married back in 2013, we agreed that Anj would take the name Dickson, upon the condition the first child would take her maiden name…Taylor.

Once our boy was born on the 15th May, it was just over two months until Taylor was getting on his first flight. Of course, for him to be on this flight he needed a passport, yep, can you believe he needed his very own passport. Only a few days after bringing our son home, we were taking him to the local pharmacy to get his passport photo taken. And yes, the same crazy rules apply to babies as they do the rest of us, we had to make sure Taylors eyes were open, he wasn’t smiling and that the photo wasn’t blurred. After several attempts, a feed and more attempts, the shot was finally captured. This passport is going to be his for the next five years, he already looks very little like the photo, which is crazy to think he’ll travel and look nothing like his passport photo in a few years time.

When we told people we were taking our two month old on a trip around the world, we got told we were crazy, brave and mad. Having travelled a lot when I was a project manager in the UK, I was able to recall all the times I was stuck at check in, behind people with children and it just seemed to be so stressful…for everyone! Now we were going to be those people and I have to say for the first time ever, I was a little daunted about travelling.

One night we were going over what we would need to take with us for a month away. There was of course the essentials; nappies, clothes (for all situations) and of course paracetamol for dad. Then we wondering how we would carry the little traveller once we got to the other end. Having spoken with my sister, we were lucky that she was able to borrow a capsule and a stroller for us, result. Well, that would have been fine, if we had been able to hire a car seat for the car journey from London Heathrow to Birmingham, alas the car hire company was far from useful and couldn’t guarantee a car seat would be available and even worse, if one was, that it wouldn’t be damaged or unsafe…wtf? This meant we would have to take our own capsule, all the way around the world just so we could use it for a couple of hours.

Thankfully, this minor issue was all that we had to deal with, alas it was the idea of travelling as first time parents that lead to yours truly not sleeping much in the build up to the trip. Then the 18th June finally arrived and we were off…