The flying little kiwi… Part 2

The flying little kiwi… Part 2

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Taking our little man to the other side of the world for introductions.

We were ready to hit the skies, our bags were packed, passports were in hand and the excitement was beginning to mount. Not only was this the first time that we were travelling as a family but this was also my first trip back to the UK in five years. We were travelling with Malaysian Airlines as at the time of booking, they were the cheapest option and despite the fact they had lost an aeroplane a couple of years ago, we figured lightening couldn’t strike twice.

Having successfully made it through check in and security without too many dramas, we soon found ourselves settling into out seats on the first leg of our journey from New Zealand to the UK. It has to be said, for a plane as large as the A380, there really wasn’t all that much room, especially when you throw in a basinet, hand luggage and blankets and pillows galore. Talking of hand luggage, as new parents, we had packed for every eventuality and in hindsight we could have left the kitchen sink at home.

We finally arrived in Kuala Lumpa after over eleven hours on a plane and it was so good to be up and walking about. As we stepped off the plane, the heat hit us, a real shock to the system after we had left winter behind. The stopover in Asia was short and sweet, time for a quick refreshment and then checked in for leg two. The horror leg. We were sat next to a mother who was not only travelling with her own little traveller but was also pregnant. By the time we took off, she was pretty much over the whole travelling lark and basically left her baby daughter to scream herself to sleep. We assisted as much as we could, to look after her child and keep the other passengers around us sane. All the while, our brave little traveller was sleeping and being a star. For ten hours, we were the best babysitting service Malaysian Airlines had ever had on board.

Finally we arrived in the capital of England and we had survived. We were a little zombified and in need of a shower, alas I was really proud of the Dicksons for successfully making it to the other side of the world in one piece. Now we could really start to enjoy our trip. Well, once we had spent an hour at Europcar, where they took full advantage of my zombie state and talked me into an upgrade which we really didn’t need. It did mean for a few days, we were bouncing around in a Peugeot 2008 SUV, which was a nice way to travel up to my hometown of Birmingham and finally introduce Taylor to his UK family.