The making of the new Indiana…

The making of the new Indiana…

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Every time Taylor begins to climb up the sofa and on to the precarious windowsill, the theme music to Indiana Jones plays in my head. The way he scoots along the ledge, in between the blinds, without any fear, makes me proud of the way Anj and I are bringing up our little man.

There are of course times when we wonder what Taylor will try next, as nothing seems to be off his list of things to try. He will think it’s perfectly OK to pull out a dining chair, run over and get his footstool and within seconds be up on the dining table, throwing around whatever he can get his hands on. I know we could stop him from doing this stuff and eventually we might have to say, be careful, but we just love how is little mind works.

That’s the key I think to being a decent parent, encouraging little minds to tick and grow as quickly as their little bodies. As a dad, surely it’s up to me (and mum of course) to encourage the development of an inquisitive toddler? I’d be lying if I said it’s always fun to have a little ball of energy running around and pulling everything he can possibly reach, out of every cupboard he can open. Alas, that is all part of it, as I’m pretty sure Taylor does it just to press my buttons as much as have fun covering the floor with stuff.

At just over sixteen months of being a dad, I’m still a relative newbie to the whole parent lark. The learning curve doesn’t appear vertical anymore and it’s now dawning on me, that there is just no way of knowing all there is to know about parenting, you just have to take every day as it comes. It’s Sunday night and I know the next two days of Daddy Daycare will have their ups and downs, but there will also be something new for both our little Indiana and I to learn, which is pretty cool and exciting!