They do make ‘em like they used too…in fact they’re finally better!

They do make ‘em like they used too…in fact they’re finally better!

They do make ‘em like they used too…in fact they’re finally better!

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Over Christmas Anj and I were talking about how kids cartoons aren’t what they used to be and that we had such great shows to watch when we were kids. I’m talking about He-Man, Thundercats, Captain Planet and such like, those cartoons which you ran home from school to watch or got up early Saturday morning to tune into whilst chomping on our cornflakes.

These were cartoons where you picked your favourite characters and throughout the weeks, there was an underlying plot behind our heroes many adventures. Skeletor was constantly trying to plot the downfall of He-Man and his big pussycat, overtime being beaten but you just knew he would be back to try again next week (got to admire his determination). I guess this is one thing which I’m looking forward too, is reminiscing with Taylor when he is a bit older and watching all these old classics again.

In the mean time, we’ve been scouring good ol’ Netflix to watch something with Taylor, especially on these damp summer days we’re experiencing. We’ve tried a number of shows now and there have been a couple which have peaked his interest, all of which are above the toddler age bracket, alas Pepper Pig just needs to grow up in Taylors opinion. Over Christmas, we’ve watched a bit of Dinotrux, Jake and the Neverland Pirates and of course the obligatory Thomas the Tank.

To hold the attention of a toddler for more than ten minutes takes something pretty special, let alone keeping him still for forty minutes, which may I add is a blessing as it allows dad to get the dishes done, put out the washing etc. This week during Daddy Daycare I thought I’d try the new Trollhunters series. Now, this show is not intended for toddlers, but neither is climbing up book shelves, knowing how to use the vacuum cleaner or laughing at funny bits in Jake and the Neverland Pirates, so I figure our little man is batting above is age and could probably handle it. And how he handled it. I think if you gave him a suit of armour just like Jim gets in the first episode (not much of a spoiler), Taylor could beat off a few trolls as well. I have to admit all thoughts of chores quickly disappeared as I started watching this show with the little man. You know I said earlier that they don’t make kids shows like they used too? Well, scratch that, this latest show by the genius creators at Dreamworks is probably the best animated show I’ve ever seen, especially in terms of the the animation quality…it’s next level. There was a time where this much attention to detail was reserved for the animated movies, released but once a year. I guess with the advancement of technology, this now allows for shows such as Trollhunters to be created.

Whilst watching the show I was trying to work out the voices behind the characters. I have to declare I didn’t do too well and had to consult IMDB. It was sad to see that the voice behind our hero Jim was none other than Anton Yelchin, who was a victim of 2016! Another voice in the mix is none other than Kelsey Grammar, of whom I’ve been a fan since his Cheers days (yep, I’m that old). I also found out that Guillermo el Toro is the creative brains behind Trollhunters, which explains a lot, as this man is a bit of genius, creating such classics as Pans Labyrinth, Hellboy etc., all of which have created a bit of a movie buff in Taylors old man.

We’re on to episode three and it’s clear to see, that the show is going to be a winner in the Dickson household. Watching Trollhunters is definitely going to be taking care of the allocated TV time over the next couple of months. I should point out that as much as I’d love to binge watch this show, I can already feel the stares of scorn from allowing my son to watch TV, so fear not PC TV brigade, I’m limiting the TV watching, ensuring Taylor is an adequate distance for the dreaded box and getting at least ten minutes of outdoor time a day *wink*.

In my humble opinion, exposing a toddler to this kind of imaginative creativeness will grow an imagination just as much as any book! There I said it. Keep up the good work Netflix/Dreamworks, you’ve set expectations high with this show.