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It was quite the surprise last month, when I opened my email to find I had been chosen as one the Top 100 Dad Bloggers on the planet. To be amongst such good company as The Dad Network, How to Dad and DadvWorld was a real honour.

The whole reason for starting the Dad’s Patch blog was to really share with my family in the UK, how I was coping as a dad down here in New Zealand. I hold my hands up and admit that my blogging wasn’t as frequent as sharing my daily parental adventures on Instagram. Alas, for the blog to receive such recognition a few years after its inception, I think quality over quantity has served me well 😉

Today is a special day, as the whole reason for this blog, Taylor John Dickson, turns three years old. They say that time disappears once you have kids and it is totally true. It feels like only yesterday that I was in the hospital theatre with Mrs.D, as a c-section was performed and our little boy came into the world…bum first! I don’t think there has been a greater acomplishment in my life, than seeing our little guy taking his first gulp of the real world. Being there to cut the lifeline cord and hold Taylor in my arms, after Anj had carried him for the last nine months, was a very special moment.

Has the last three years as a dad been easy? Hell no, far from it. I think being a parent in general can be hard but throw into the mix a new way of life, going from a career driven dude to a stay at home dad, added a certain kind of pressure to the experience. From my perspective it felt perfectly normal and the right thing to do, as I just wanted to spend as much time as possible with my boy. Alas, it seems society, communities and general populous are still coming to terms with the idea of a man being at home with is kid and not being the breadwinner. Well, f*ck you, dads can do a pretty good job and there are going to be more fellas doing it, so get used to it.

As far as three year olds go, I think Taylor is growing into a fine young man and it’s great to have been a big part in making this happen. I’ve made mistakes along the way, as I’m sure most parents have, but each time I’ve tried to learn from them and be a better parent. The next few years should make for interesting times and I promise to try and share more stories with you.

Thanks again to Feedspot for selecting Dad’s Patch as a Top 100 Fathers Blog!