What is the Dad’s Patch?

What is the Dad’s Patch?

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These few words are from a dad in New Zealand and I’m hoping they can inspire better dads around these little rock of ours.

I know what you’re thinking, not another blog, aren’t there already millions of bloggers out there?
Well, indeed there are and a few of them are actually worth reading. Alas, this blog is as much for me as it is for you. You see, the inspiration behind this blog is my wife, who used her own blog to not only inform friends and relatives of the journey we were on from infertile to baby but also used it as a means of release, to let words out through the fingers which would otherwise get stuck on the tongue.

I’ll come back to the above story which my wife Anj documented so amazingly and fill you in on the rocky start to fatherhood. For now I just want to focus on why I started to nurture my own little patch of the interweb. I should probably start by introducing you to the family. Firstly there is Anj; wife, mum, nurse, chef, legendary cake maker and my partner in crime! Then of course there is the little human who is central character of this blog and you’ll come to know him as many names, but for now we’ll stick with Taylor John Dickson.

Taylor has only been in the world 295 days (born 15th May 2015) but already its hard to recall how I spent the thousands of days before his arrival. Since that day in May, we have already had many adventures together, mostly as a family, as Anj was able to have almost eight months of maternity leave and yours truly works from home, running a wee charity. At the turn of 2016, Daddy Daycare kicked in once Anj returned back to work. So Mondays, Tuesdays and Friday nights are when the little man and I work on tales to tell you.

As well as tales of our adventures and the lessons I’m constantly learning as a dad, there will be a few opinions on being a dad in this ever changing world, thoughts on products for parents (especially dads) and general stuff which dads can do with kids to stop them growing up to be dicks. Oh yeah, if you’re offended by the occasional expletive or un-PC comment, you might want to hit that unsubscribe button now, or if you do like the no-holds barred approach, go ahead and hit that subscribe button.

There will of course be the obligatory social media presence and you can hit those little buttons at the bottom of the page to see more and then follow (especially Instagram, as a picture really can tell a thousand words).